Finding Freedom..Gerald Fry

Finding Freedom..Gerald Fry

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Finding Freedom tells the very compelling story of pastor

Gerald Fry’s journey through the crucible of affliction—only

to find himself brought near to the very heart of God. And,

in that holy place, Pastor Fry discovered the timeless and

life-changing secret behind Jesus’ words in Matthew 5, the

words we call “the Beatitudes.”


In these pages, you will find a secret so precious that it could

only have been discovered in the furnace of affliction. Gerald

Fry’s story will move you through laughter, tears, tenderness,

and the heartburst of revelation.


Finding Freedom will resonate with everyone who has known

exhaustion, disillusionment, and the heartsickness of trying to

navigate “the machinery of Christianity”—while clinging to the

everlasting promise and hope of the gospel.